Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Share the Never Ending Joy of Sibling’s Bond by Sending Enticing Rakhi to Punjab

Raksha Bandhan, one of the most awaited festivals is about to set in and I’m sure you all are enthusiastic about it. This festival is a moment of upholding the pride everyone shares in the love and bond of siblings. This love and bond cherished by siblings are the most sublime form of love on earth. The occasion is marked by merry making, gifting, tying Rakhi, etc between siblings. This year’s Raksha Bandhan falls on 18th August and I’m sure we will witness another spectacle moment of celebration.

If you have sibling residing in Punjab and for him you want to deliver your love through Rakhi then Rakhi.Giftalove.com will fulfil your dream and wish. Rakhi Delivery in Punjab can be done with 3 or 4 clicks. Knowing the fact that customers these days have unique and wide preferences, this online portal have in store for you varieties of Rakhi collection that will simply grab your eye ball.
With prompt delivery mechanism Rakhi Delivery in Punjab or anywhere in India can be completed with ease. Their service is quick, reliable and swift. For your lovable sibling in Punjab you can deliver the best collection of Rakhi by going through some of the suggestions given below:
Handcrafted Rakhi: Things made by hand are valuable and the same is for Rakhi beautifully created by hand. Unlike machine, artisans have devoted their time and energy in creating them. The rare pattern and design of this Rakhi set them apart from others. This Rakhi is very peculiar in its look also. Dispatching handcrafted Rakhi will be a good way to let your brother knows your love for him.
Traditional Rakhi: Tying Rakhi or holy thread on the wrist of brother is considered sacred on this festival. The thread used those times was a simple silk with no decoration. Traditional Rakhi is a simple thread that gives out the simplicity of one’s heart and I’m sure delivering this Rakhi will remind your sibling of the rich cultures of India as well as the memory of the past.
Lumba Rakhi: This beautiful string of lumba attached with Rakhi will elevate the heart of your bhabhi. With times, style of Rakhi celebration got shifted and at present sister ties Rakhi on their brother’s wife too. This year, you can convey your thankfulness to your bhabhi and bhaiya by tying specially made lumba Rakhi.
Divine Rakhi: For your religious and devoted brother you can deliver divine Rakhi available in different image of gods and goddesses. This Rakhi will usher in a sense of protection. You can select divine Rakhi from the range available; Krishna Rakhi, Vishnu Rakhi, sita Rakhi, ganesha Rakhi, etc. I’m sure this Rakhi will enthral your bro.
Kids Rakhi: You may be living in different corner of the country yet you can make your little brother feel loved and remembered by sending the best looking Rakhi for kids. In this section you can find kids Rakhi of different types such as cartoon Rakhi (Donald duck Rakhi, Mickey Mouse Rakhi, tom and jerry Rakhi, etc), superhero Rakhi ( spiderman Rakhi, superman Rakhi, batman Rakhi, etc), angry bird Rakhi and others.
Navratna Rakhi: This type of Rakhi can draw out lot of smiles on your sibling’s face and make him feel special. This Rakhi is made of precious stones and looks good on every wearer. It is one of the trending Rakhis at the moment. You can share the love of siblings on this Raksha Bandhan with this precious and fine-looking navratna Rakhi.
Besides this, you can also deliver Rakhi set to Punjab and find a special place in the hearts of your dear siblings. Set of 2 Rakhi, set of 4 Rakhi, set of 6 Rakhi, set of 3 Rakhi, set of 5 Rakhi are the common ones. Why not send along Rakhi with sweets, Rakhi with flowers, Rakhi with fruits, Rakhi with cards, Rakhi with cakes and others.
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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Delight Your Brother Dwelling in India with Fine-Looking Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan is approaching fast and I’m sure you are filled with excitement as you prepare for the upcoming occasion. Re-igniting and reviving sibling’s relationship is the main focus of the festival. No other festival in India is as special as Raksha Bandhan. This special occasion spreads the message of love, peace and harmony beyond social and geographical demarcation. It is celebrated by every Indian living inside and outside.
Send Rakhi to India

Rakhi or tying sacred threads is an important practice on this festival. Rakhi of different colours, shapes, designs and patterns are tied on the wrist of one’s beloved brother. Wherever your brother may live, you can send Rakhi via - Giftalove. On this portal you will be availed with wide array of online Rakhi collection. For your brother you can Send Rakhi to India and make him cheerful on this special day.
Nowadays sending Rakhi is very easy and I’m sure you are also delighted to see extensive collection of stunning Rakhi Online smoothly accessible to you. Rakhi online has made your shopping task much more elementary and now you can avail yourself to many assemblage of Rakhis that are fitting for your unique choice. Some of the most suitable Rakhis available on this portal for this upcoming festival are as under:
Adorable Bracelet rakhi for your adorable brother:
Rakhi is considered ritual and I’m sure on this upcoming festival you will be sending good looking bracelet Rakhi for your brother staying in India. This Rakhi is extraordinarily attractive and beautiful and I’m certain your brother would be happy to wear them. It is available in various patterns, styles and shapes made from different metal, steel, silver and sometimes even gold.
Alluring Designer Rakhi for your loving brother:
What you can do on this upcoming festival to make your brother feel special is send fashionable Rakhi created by designers. This Rakhi is widely popular for its style and design. It is not only beautiful but also very appealing. Designer Rakhi( rakhi.giftalove.com/designer-rakhis-725.html ) is the emerging trend of Rakhi at present. This Rakhi is available in various patterns and print.
Exquisite Handcrafted Rakhi for your special brother:
For this year’s Raksha Bandhan elegantly looking handcrafted Rakhi available in unique design and pattern will be an exceptional idea. This piece of Rakhi is a beautifully created by hand and hence very special and rare. It is also a trendy Rakhi at the moment.  For your brother in India send this enticing handcrafted Rakhi and make him feel unique.
Admirable Swastika Rakhi for your dear brother:
On this coming festival you can also send Rakhi beautifully adorned with bead of swastika. Sending this Rakhi will make him feel special for the fact that this Rakhi has significant meaning behind it. Since ages swastika was used as symbol of safety, protection, good luck or a symbol that kindle good fortune in one’s endeavour. So, picking this special piece will be an outstanding way to ignite a sense of being protected and guarded.
Attractive Kids Rakhi for your beloved little brother:
If your sibling who stays in India is a little brother to you then there are varieties of online Rakhi to make him jovial on this upcoming Raksha Bandhan. For such adorable little brother you can send attractive and cute Rakhi such as cartoons Rakhi, superhero Rakhi, Little Krishna Rakhi, Bal Ganesha Rakhi, Doremon Rakhi, etc.
Side by side you can also send outstanding Rakhi sets for your brothers over there. Depending on the number of brothers you have you can make your pick. There are rakhi set such as set of 2 Rakhi, set of 3 Rakhi, set of 5 Rakhi. Make your brother feel extra special on this coming fete by complementing Rakhi with package of delectable sweets or Rakhi with delicious fruits or Rakhi with savoury chocolates or Rakhi with appealing bouquet of flowers.
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Monday, 11 July 2016

Gladden Your Beloved Brother who is in Goa with Adorable Rakhi

The countdown has finally begun for Raksha Bandhan festival and I’m sure you have lot of reasons to be excited about. Siblings love and relationship cannot be put down in words. Rakhi is a moment that is regarded precious by all siblings living far and wide. Distance has no role to play on this auspicious day. Siblings send wishes and gifts across India on this day expressing their love and affectionate for each other. 

Send Rakhi to Goa

For your special brother who is in Goa this Raksha Bandhan can be the most memorable one. To make this memorable moment happen you need to plan things ahead. You can send Rakhi to Goa but sending Rakhi or sending Rakhi Gifts Online are not enough you need to figure out which Rakhi to send and how to send?
If you haven’t figured that out, do not panic, because at Rakhi.Giftalove.com you have ample of choices to pick from, that can certainly make you and your brother celebrates this forthcoming festival in an extra-ordinary way. Now, all you have to do is go through the following Rakhi suggestions and use them on this coming festival:

Enticing Lumba Rakhi for your sweet brother
A beautifully adorned Lumba Rakhi will be a good choice for your sweet brother living out there in Bihar. This Rakhi is not only popular but has a very appealing appearance as well. You can easily purchase this beautiful Rakhi in piece or set as per your requirement. Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious occasion and I’m sure you will want to show your love for your brother with this enticing lumba Rakhi.

Beautiful Zardosi Rakhi for your special brother This Rakhi beautifully braided with zari will be an exceptional choice for this upcoming festival. You may find this beautiful work in the shape of Om, swastika, etc. This Rakhi also from time to time use different kind of materials and embellishment. So, for your brother who resides in Bihar sending this beautiful yet significant Rakhi will surely give him reason to be cheerful.

Adorable Swastika Rakhi for your dear brother
Rakhi or sacred thread is very sacred and sisters will not miss out to send attractive Rakhis for their siblings on this occasion. Swastika Rakhi is a very significant Rakhi and many regarded this Rakhi spiritual because for many years people use swastika for safety, protection and luck. Therefore, sending this spiritual yet beautiful Swastika Rakhi will give your brother a sense of being protected and cared.

Exquisite Bhaiya-Bhabhi Rakhi for your beloved brother
Raksha Bandhan is an occasion where people celebrate the love and bond shared by siblings and other relations build along ones family line. So, on such a special occasion you can grace your caring brother and sister in-law with beautiful bhaiya bhabhi Rakhi as token of your love and gratitude to them.

Dazzling Golden Rakhi for your affectionate brother
This Rakhi is very grand in its appearance. It is specially made for this occasion so that one can express their deepest love for their siblings with this delicate and dazzling golden Rakhi. This Rakhi with its exquisite appearance plates in gold will suit your brother residing in Bihar. This Rakhi is quiet popular as well and sending this Rakhi will make your brother feel extraordinarily happy.

Apart from the above suggestions you can also explore other assemblage of Rakhis available on the portal. There is also Kids Rakhi for your little brother such as superhero Rakhi, cartoons Rakhi, Ben 10 Rakhi, etc. You can also send sets of Rakhi for your brothers over there- set of 2 Rakhis, set of 3 Rakhis, set of 5 Rakhi, etc are available in different range.

Make this year’s Raksha Bandhan a cherish-able one by sending the best and most suitable Rakhi for your brother living in different parts of India. You can log on to – rakhi.giftalove.com and check out different varieties of online Rakhi and Rakhi gifts.