Monday, 30 May 2016

Online Rakhi Shopping To Strengthen Bonds Thicker Than Blood

In this age when careers and designations define who people are, it is no surprise that we tend to prioritise our careers. The story is the same for a man and a woman. Indian society too has woken up to the fact that people opting for a high flying career need to forsake valuable time spent with family. But who is family? Is it only our blood relatives who can be called your family or are there ties and bonds that run thicker than blood?

If I was fifteen summers younger I would have to scratch my head and dismiss the idea that blood ties are what makes someone family. But today I am proud to say that I don’t believe this anymore. I am the only child of my doting parents. But in spite of all the love and material comforts that they have showered on me, I felt a deep vacuum in my life on BhaiDooj and Rakhi. I was at one point of time even jealous of my friends who had younger or elder brothers and were spoilt rotten on rakhi.

I would see my friends shop for rakhis (sometimes even a silver rakhi) that would eventually adorn the wrists of their brothers. It so happened, one evening, fifteen years ago (when I was a confused teen) that my father’s colleague and his family paid us a visit. Mehra uncle, as I used to call him, was the proud father of a ten-year-old son and little did I know that that evening Rahul’s visit to my house along with Mehra uncle and aunty would fill this vacuum in my life forever.

I still remember how I bonded with Rahul and vice-versa that evening. A month later was Rakhi and on the eve of RakshaBandhan (as the festival is sometimes called) I asked my father sheepishly if I could invite Mehras over for dinner and celebrate rakhi with Rahul. My parents and the Mehras instantly agreed and I thus began celebrating this festival with Rahul.

Today, Rahul lives in Dubai with his wife and two children and that has not stopped me from online rakhi shopping and sending rakhi to UAE. A bank manager in the largest city of UAE, Rahul and I often speak to each other over the phone and we make it a point to meet at least once each year, either in Dubai or in Bangalore, where I now stay with my husband and two kids.

Before I discovered it was a task (a task I loved doing nonetheless) for me to go online rakhi shopping and find something useful and gift-worthy for Rahul. But now all I do is type in the address and voila! I know that I will surely come across a rakhi or gift packages or both to be sent to Dubai. For example, this year, I have already decided to gift Rahul a silver rakhi with designer rakhi thali surprise.

I am more than certain that while I am sending this rakhi to UAE, Rahul too is busy selecting a gift for me. But more than the gift what counts for me is the time and the thoughts that he would put in. God might not have gifted my parents a son, but He did bless me with a brother. True that blood is thicker than water, but my bond with my brother runs deeper, for sure.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Best Rakhi Varieties from

India is a land of religion. However rakhi can be termed as a festival that is non religious in nature, yet it manages to bring together the entire family and celebrate the spirit of love and family bonding which is often regarded as the building block of traditional Indian society.

 Like any other festival, rakhi is never complete without gatherings, celebrations, exchange of sweets and gifts, lots of noise and fun.  It is not just a simple thread which is tied on a brother’s hand. It is a symbol of faith, love and trust which a sister places on her brother’s wrist.  There are many things that a rakhi can be made from.

From simple cotton and woollen fabrics to more elaborately designed rakhis made from beads and rudraksha is not uncommon. People nowadays are opting for rakhis made from gold and silver.  The best part of a gold or silver rakhi lies in the fact that it does not get destroyed easily and lasts for a pretty long period of time.  There are various types of silver Rakhi available in the market. You can also custom make one of them as per your choice.

Here are some silver rakhi options, you can choose from.

•    Silver Bracelet Type Rakhi: Silver bracelet type rakhis are very common and a lot of people love them for their sheer simplicity. If you planning to send rakhi to USA for your brother, you can choose an elegant and simple looking silver bracelet rakhi, that looks like a band.  Your brother can wear this band anytime. It would be a cool style statement for him and would also keep reminding him of his beautiful sister

•    Double Chain Silver Rakhi: Double chain silver rakhi is meant for more fashion conscious people. Instead of one chain, it has two chains which make the rakhi look more elegant, sophisticated and stylish. You can pair it up with both ethnic as well as indo western dresses.

•    Coinage Rakhi: This Diwali send rakhi to USAand delight your brother. Coinage rakhi is a unique combination of modern style and traditional values. A coin rakhi is typically a silver coin with the images of deities or some holy symbol, which is considered auspicious by the Hindus. Usually the image is preferred since he is considered as “Vighnaharta” or remover of all evils. However, if you are not too fond of traditional designs, you can customise the designs and engrave your names or initials which would be another nice idea altogether.

•    Silver Plated Rakhi: If you wish to add some colours to the bright white colour of silver rakhis, try silver plated rakhis. In these types of rakhis, the base is made from silver and semi-precious stones adorn the top portion, which makes them quite eye catching.

There is no limit to designs that you can have. There are different ways to make your brother feel special. Remember Rakhi is not about how expensive a gift you can buy, it is more about how much time and effort you dedicate in choosing this special thread for your brother.

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